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Updated on May 27, 2019. Posted on Mar 10, 2019

17 Design Choices That'll Make You Mad But Also Weirdly Impress You

I've been bamboozled.

1. This box of markers that put empty space under the label to make it look like more full:

SirSqueep / Via

2. This body wash bottle that uses the label to hide a lack of volume:

mcpi2018 / Via

3. This $10 "bulk" candy bucket that's...a little smaller in person:

finishcarts / Via

4. This sheet set that makes it look like it's Egyptian cotton, when it's really just "comparable to the feel and touch":

NarplePlex / Via

5. This email subject line that tricks you into opening a marketing email:

OLAT / Via

6. This "bigger size" bottle that actually has four fewer ounces than the original:

IceCreep109 / Via

7. This tricky sign that's about 100 miles away from the actual Niagara Falls, but makes you think you need to get off the freeway:

NobleStumble / Via

8. This pizza that hid its lack of cheese and toppings:

ArtistWolf / Via

9. This set of headphones that used a label in the product image to make you think it's an Amazon's Choice item:

prolyfic / Via

10. The serving size of these waffles, which come in packs of four:

CantSayIReallyTried / Via

11. This restaurant that made the most of its B health rating:

This restaurant concealing their B health rating as a “brunch” sign is just me as a person

12. This box of chocolates that's really only about half a box of chocolates:

Indrany / Via

13. This "value size" bottle of vitamins that has 100 fewer tablets than a regular bottle:

Connor121314 / Via

14. This tricky little non-panda:

gxctyva / Via

15. This pizza place that charges $11.99 for a pizza but requires a $12 minimum order for delivery:

RabbitCSGO / Via

16. This sign that has a very tiny "each" that doubles the price you probably thought the limes were:

Squadcobra / Via

17. And finally, this library sign that is just too cruel:

sharkyboi / Via

H/T to r/assholedesign

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