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    17 Avengers Memes That As Adorable As They Are Funny

    I choose to believe that the Avengers are real and all of these actually happened.

    1. I could absolutely see this happening at Loki's funeral:

    2. And Black Widow would definitely respond to the "Batman Principle" like this:

    3. Peter would absolutely geek out about Bruce:

    4. And this really makes you wonder:

    5. This is a perfect rundown of which Avengers would/wouldn't get Gen Z humor:

    6. Peter would've been super excited about his own death, I bet:

    7. Like, YouTube would've been involved:

    8. This explains a lot, tbh:

    9. We haven't really seen the extent of Peter's superpowers:

    10. Have you noticed how many of these superheroes are animal-themed?

    11. This Brooklyn Nine-Nine quote works perfectly for Peter and Cap and I fully believe this happened:

    12. Pretty sure Thor was being the best brother during Ragnarok:

    13. Poor Doctor Strange probably has to deal with this a lot:

    14. This undoubtedly happened on Thor's ship on the way to Earth (before, ya know, Thanos):

    15. You can bet that an MCU Spidey and Deadpool team-up would go exactly like this:

    16. I've never seen a Tumblr post that more perfectly sums up Hawkeye:

    17. And finally, this is how the reunion SHOULD have gone:

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