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    17 Times Newspapers Should've Taken A Second Look At Their Page Layout

    You gotta watch your headline placement.

    1. I can see why they're all so shocked:

    2. Well, that's lucky:

    3. There's evil under all that fluff:

    4. Why are you doing this to us?

    5. Um.

    6. She looks great, TBH:

    7. Please be careful where you place pie-eating pics:

    8. There they go, running!

    9. I know Serena is the G.O.A.T. but damn:

    10. Glad they've identified one of the couples, anyway:

    11. Damn you, Hook!

    12. Finally, someone we can pin the blame on:

    13. I want to be very, VERY clear that this dear old lady is NOT a crack cocaine dealer, probably:

    14. So just lurk? Got it:

    15. I'm sure the concert won't be THAT bad:

    16. He looks different:

    17. I'm sending my kids to the school with tigers:

    H/T to r/Tombstoning