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    17 Animals Who Are 100% Done With This Shit

    They didn't sign up fur this.

    1. "Did I ASK for a hat?"

    2. "Put it back, Greg."

    3. "I swear to God, Karen, the moment you fall asleep..."

    4. "This is ageist and I'm calling the ACLU."

    5. "Put me down, Jeremy."

    6. "Who invited Jessica?"

    7. " thank THANK YOU...NO THANK YOU NO."

    8. "Your services are no longer needed."

    9. "You think this is a game, Roy?"

    10. "The damn hell you think you're doing, girl?"

    11. "Jesus, Carl. Fine, I get it."

    12. "For Christ's sake, Helen, Easter was WEEKS ago!"

    13. "I am not a tool for your amusement, Lisa."

    14. "Nah, son."

    15. "Let me stop you right there, Alan."

    16. "Help."

    17. "Hello, darkness, my old friend..."