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If You Relate To 14/16 Of These Posts, You're Probably A Bit Of A Narcissist

"Sorry, I couldn't hear you over my internal monologue."

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1. You appreciate good art when you see it.

2. You know that you shouldn't have to wait for that reply.

3. You crack yourself up, TBH.

4. You know you look good.

5. Like, looking good is basically your job.

6. You get a little lost in your own thoughts, but only because they're more interesting than what anybody else has to say.

7. You need the focus to be on you, but not, like, in a desperate way.

8. You might not love yourself 24/7, but you know you're the best there is.

9. You're a shining star.

10. Nobody fully appreciates you, honestly.

11. Even at your worst, you're the best.

12. Why do people underestimate you? Mistake.

13. You have one true love in life.

14. Social gatherings can be a problem sometimes.

15. Really, you're just getting a job done.

16. Because you're a step above the rest.

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