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    Updated on Dec 4, 2018. Posted on Sep 21, 2016

    15 Sensations You'll Only Experience If You Have A Penis

    No matter how much you shake and dance, the last drop always ends up in your pants.

    1. When you wade into a cold pool and the water hits your bathing suit and attacks your balls.

    2. Doing the "slap dance."


    3. The pure satisfaction of employing a perfect pinch-and-roll on a ball itch.

    4. The accomplishment of unsticking a ball from your leg without reaching down your pants.


    5. That strangely uncomfortable feeling when your penis is hanging on the "wrong side."

    Warner Bros.

    6. The horror of the moment when your penis grazes the inside of the toilet.


    7. Getting a random boner and having no idea why.

    8. Accidentally tapping your balls and thinking, "Oh, I'm fine," before the pain hits.


    9. Going on a roller coaster and having your balls experience microgravity.


    10. Always — ALWAYS — getting a drop or two of urine in your pants, no matter how much you shake.

    11. Lying around naked and noticing that your balls are moving on their own.


    12. Getting a good "pee shiver" while you're at the urinal.

    13. Finding a random, long hair under your balls and pulling it out.


    14. Standing at a urinal and feeling pressured when someone shows up and finishes before you.


    15. And, of course, accidentally zipping your frank and beans.

    20th Century Fox

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