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    16 Photos That Will Make You Laugh, Cry, And Feel Better

    There's still joy on the internet sometimes!

    1. This dog, who is stubborn in the best way.

    2. This dumb but hilarious joke.

    3. This talented lady.

    4. This adorable adopted deer.

    5. This guy, who is clearly having a good time.

    6. This dedicated dad.

    7. This grandpa's very excellent gang.

    8. This excited dog.

    9. This generous tip left for an Irish waiter so he could go home for the holidays.

    10. This mom's brilliant idea to keep Thanksgiving civil.

    11. This sign.

    12. This review.

    13. These parents and their muffins.

    14. This tiny photobombing dog.

    15. The name of this killer sale.

    16. And finally, this dog's very stylish haircut.