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16 People Who Are 200% Smarter Than I'll Ever Be

A masterclass in problem solving.

1. This sneaky way to continue to leech off an ex's Netflix:

somethingsomethingyeah / Via

2. This idea for a new sport:

3. This game-show-style wheel that a guy made to help make dinner decisions and stuff:

rawkout1337 / Via

4. This funeral music idea:

5. This improvised suit:

urs_sarcastically / Via

6. This little life hack for introverts:

7. This insane but probably effective idea for interrogators:

8. This new way to play an old game:

9. This excellent idea for an adaptation:

10. This food invention:

11. This menu item so your fries don't get stolen:

12. This solution to the old "watched pot" problem:

13. This rig to keep your phone from dangling:

14. This convenient repurposing of an ice tray:

15. This student life hack:

Bamtastic1uncle / Via

16. And finally, this genius idea for any lazy street performer: