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    16 "My Hero Academia" Memes That Are Plus-Ultra Hilarious

    "Midoriya and Bakugou are the anime equivalent of Dinkleberg and Mr. Turner."

    1. This Spongebob cross-over:


    2. This solid defense:

    3. This truth:

    4. This mashup:

    5. This accurate representation:


    7. This take on the "car salesman" meme:

    8. And this one:

    9. And this one:

    piejerino / Via

    10. This character list:

    11. This summary of Todoroki's friendship:

    jonosmut / Via

    12. This very sad post:

    rohan_0ge / Via

    13. This "duh" moment:

    14. This Shigaraki pun:

    15. This very familiar look:

    16. This very apt description:

    17. And finally, this summary of every conversation with Bakugou:

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