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16 Dogs Who Are Just Adorable Lil' Dummies

So cute. Such dummies.

1. This pug, who tried to drink a shadow:

2. This good boy whose best friend is a brick:

3. This dog, who grabbed the WRONG STICK:

@anelllanas @lilli_contreras My gmas dog last year 💀

4. This dog, who doesn't trust sliding doors:

#Dog doesn't realize the sliding door is open

5. And this dog, who trusts them a little too much:

hi my name is Dayne and i own the dumbest dog on earth.

6. This pupper, who thought a baby might throw the ball:

7. This little guy, who doesn't question authority:

This is one of my dogs Happy... He is the dumbest dog I know I HAD to film this.

8. This majestic creature:

"My dog is dignified. My wife's dog, doesn't know the meaning of the word." #dog #aww #reaction #thesesnozberriestastelikesnozberries

9. This ferocious pup, attempting to vanquish his enemy:

10. This daredevil:

"My dog's off it's nut" 😂😂

11. This dog, who "swam" to safety:

Brave doggo rescues woman and swims her to safety

12. And this tiny pup, who helped pedal:

13. This big girl, who knows a good spot when she sees it:

14. This very handsome and photogenic pup:

15. This dog, who can't quite figure out how to catch the leash:

16. And finally, this dog, who just doesn't care about magic tricks: