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    15 Photos That Will Satisfy You More Than Your Ex-Boyfriend Ever Did

    These will do so much more for you than Shawn ever did.

    1. Remember how your ex-boyfriend Shawn never helped clean the apartment? This is the opposite of that.

    2. And this perfectly round snowball will bring you peace, unlike when Shawn would play Call of Duty at 2 a.m. without headphones.

    3. Whoever scooped this insanely smooth spoonful of peanut butter probably won't leave the dirty spoon in the sink, like Shawn always did.

    4. This box that fits perfectly into a drawer is orgasmic, unlike all of your sexual encounters with Shawn.

    5. Just saying, this box would always make sure you finish first.

    6. The way this shadow lines up will soothe you in times of stress, whereas Shawn would just ask you if you were on your period.

    7. This satisfying frisbee throw is really fun to watch, unlike Shawn's terrible improv shows that he made you come to every week.

    8. And this mesmerizing GIF of pancakes is super relaxing as long as it doesn't remind you that Shawn never, ever made you pancakes.

    9. The super-satisfying way this box fits into another box is nothing like the way Shawn never fit in with your friends.

    10. And these quarters, this roll of tape, and this tin all get along perfectly, unlike Shawn and your family.

    11. Try not to let this beautifully frosted cake remind you how Shawn never remembered your birthday.

    12. Instead, let this perfectly written "a" distract you from the memory of how he used to mansplain your own career to you.

    13. And let this Tetris-like truckload of timber wash away how he would say you were "cute" when you were angry during arguments.

    14. This faucet flows perfectly into the drain, much like how your relationship went down the drain when you found out Shawn cheated on you with Ashley from work.

    15. And the foam on this beer is perfectly smooth, much like your life is now that you dumped Shawn's sorry ass.

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