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    15 True, Astonishing Facts That'll Make You Feel A Little Uneasy

    Your bones are wet.

    1. When you look "up" at the sky, you're actually staring down into the infinite abyss of space with only gravity holding you to the planet's surface.

    2. If you sleep an average of eight hours a day, then by the time you turn 99 years old you will have spent 33 years in total sleeping.

    3. Scientists who work with cockroaches often develop allergies to cockroaches...and at the same time, allergies to pre-ground coffee.

    4. Your skeleton is wet.

    5. Your skeleton isn't inside you. You're inside your skeleton. You are a brain.

    6. If you ever turn over a rock, it might be the first time the underside of that rock has seen sunlight in millions of years.

    7. You have never been in the same physical location twice, since the Earth, our solar system, and our galaxy are all moving through space.

    8. Our galaxy is going to crash into another galaxy in the future.

    9. We can't prove that we aren't in a simulation.

    10. You've never seen your own eyes, only reflections and photos of them.

    11. Your body has about as many bacterial cells as human cells.

    12. Almost the entire continent of South America is east of Miami, Florida.

    13. Aliens invaded the moon on July 20th, 1969.

    14. Every single other person that was alive when the oldest living person was born are now dead.

    15. There are roughly three times as many chickens on Earth as there are people.