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14 Tumblr Stories That Are Wild And Funny As Hell

They aren't fact-checked, but they ARE entertaining as hell.

1. The story of the tricky goat:

2. The story of Savannah and the oranges:

3. The story of the kid and the hot wax:

4. The story about why you shouldn't fake an orgasm:

5. The very NSFW story of the dick that nearly killed someone:

6. The story that played out like National Treasure:

7. The story of Doctor Doctor:

8. The story of the senior prank:

9. The story of the best meet-cute ever:

10. The story of the music teacher's evaluation:

11. The story of the drugged patient:

12. The story about the crickets:

13. The story of the kid who actually did it:

14. And finally, because it's a classic, the story of Mister Noodle: