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14 Random Facts Guaranteed To Make You Say "Whoa, Wait"

If you make more than $32,000 a year, you're part of the "one percent."

1. The Michelin Star system — the most coveted quality rating in the restaurant industry — was created by the Michelin tire company in order to sell more tires.

2. People who receive a transfusion of the wrong blood type often report a sense of impending doom just moments later.

3. "Ye olde" is basically fake Old English, and should be pronounced "The old."

4. J.K. Simmons is the voice of the yellow peanut M&M, and has been since the 1990s.

5. England drives on the left side of the road because of knights. The rest of us drive on the right because of Napoleon.

6. You have no muscles in your fingers. All of the work to control your fingers is done by muscles in your forearms and palms.

7. Stegosauruses are older than grass.

8. Buzz Aldrin's mother's surname, before she got married, was Moon.

9. The phrase "hands down" refers to horse racing, when a horse and jockey had such a large lead that the jockey could lower his hands, slackening his hold on the reins.

10. The sun and moon look about the same size to us because — in an insanely unlikely coincidence — the moon is 1/400th the size of the sun and happens to orbit at 1/400th of the distance between the Earth and the sun.

11. Brett Favre's first completed pass in the NFL was to himself, for a loss of seven yards.

12. The first man-made object ever launched into space may have been a manhole cover.

13. Those little "warranty void if removed" stickers are illegal in the United States.

14. If you make more than $32,000 a year, you're part of the 1% wealthiest people in the world.