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    14 GIFs So Satisfying They're Practically Sexual

    It's easily the best thing about getting new electronics. Inspired by r/thatpeelingfeeling.

    1. Ooh yeah that's good.

    2. So niiiice.

    3. Yesssssssss.

    4. Somebody was naughty at the L station.

    5. New laptop yaaass.

    6. You are forgiven for missing that bit on the bottom.

    7. Oh my stars and garters.

    8. What is that, a GPS? Never mind, don't care.


    9. I need a minute.

    10. It's beautiful...

    11. Good gravy.

    12. Lord have mercy.


    13. Peel that router. Peel it. Slowly.

    14. I hear an angelic choir.