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    14 People Who Accidentally Cockblocked Themselves

    "Took a girl to the movies. She says, 'I haven't had sex in months,' I say, 'Neither have I,' and we left it at that."

    1. This person, who forgot to get an address.


    2. This person, who wasn't the smoothest teenager.

    Massonstock / Getty Images

    3. This person, who went with the classic method.

    Gpointstudio / Getty Images

    4. This person, whose musical tastes crowned them "King of the Morons."

    Ibrakovic / Getty Images

    5. This person, who was just looking out for biting sea creatures.

    Maridav / Getty Images

    6. This person, who didn't get the hint. Twice.

    Nensuria / Getty Images

    7. This person, who was just kidding.

    Rez-art / Getty Images

    8. This person, who knew the importance of studying.

    Mrovka / Getty Images

    9. This person, who has legitimate fears.

    Fotoimperiya / Getty Images

    10. This person, who has done it twice.

    Gemenacom / Getty Images

    11. This person, who had concerns.

    Rez-art / Getty Images

    12. This person, who is every introvert at a party.

    Andreypopov / Getty Images

    13. This person, who lied about being married, but not in the way people usually do.

    Candyboximages / Getty Images

    14. And finally, this person who revealed what it's like on the other side.

    Kzenon / Getty Images

    H/T to this Reddit thread.

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