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    14 "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" Tips, Tricks, And Hacks

    Let's make your island the best island.

    1. Import foreign fruit trees for extra bells.


    Your own island's native fruit sells for 100 bells each, but the other types of fruits not native to your island sell for 500 bells each (and coconuts sell for 250). If you're visiting another island, you can dig up one of those fruit trees by eating a piece of fruit to gain strength, then using a shovel to dig up the entire tree at once. You can then fly back to your island and re-plant it!

    2. Press A repeatedly to speed up crafting.


    If you're making a bunch of stuff in a row at a workbench, that little crafting animation can be annoying. Pressing A repeatedly will speed it up!

    3. You can make most islands you visit with a Nook Miles ticket into a "tarantula island" and get a bunch of bells.


    How to make your own tarantula island tutorial! 🕷 Pause if you need to! ##acnh##animalcrossing##acnhswitch##animalcrossingnewhorizons##tutorial

    ♬ original sound - batcutie

    This TikTok explains it well, but here's a summary: Use a Nook Miles ticket and go to any island that has bugs. Cut down every single tree, break every rock, and pull up weeds and flowers so that the island is basically just bare ground. Dump all the extra materials you picked up onto the beach. This will cause more ground bugs to spawn, which includes tarantulas! If you go with a nearly empty inventory, you can make hundreds of thousands of bells in one trip.

    4. Speaking of tarantulas, there are two easy ways to catch them: One, make a line of holes (like below), get one to chase you, and hide behind the holes (which the tarantula can't cross). Or two, hold down A to prepare your net, which will make you walk slowly. When the tarantula puts up its front legs, stop! Then when it relaxes, walk forward again. Rinse and repeat until you're close enough to catch it.


    5. Grow a money tree for some one-time extra bells.

    Nintendo / Via

    Sometimes, you'll find a glowing spot on the ground. When you dig it up, you'll find some bells (usually 1,000) and the hole will still be glowing gold. You can take an amount of bells from your pockets (press A on your amount of bells and you'll get a prompt to pull some out) and plant the bells in the hole to grow a money tree. Note: This will only work in a glowing hole!

    Usually you get a triple return on your investment, so if you put 1,000 bells in the hole, you should get 3,000 in a few days when the tree grows. If you put in 10,000, you should get 30,000 back. Some people have reported higher numbers, but they don't seem to be guaranteed, so 10,000 is the safest bet.

    6. Speed up text and get out of menus faster with the B button.


    Pressing or holding B will make text read through faster, which is nice when you're reading your 5,000th fish pun. Also, if you're in a menu with multiple selections (like the Nook Miles kiosk or when talking to Timmy and Tommy), you can press B a couple times to automatically exit the menu.

    7. Use to make and browse designs to customize your stuff.

    The tool allows you to browse and search other people's patterns and create your own, then import it into the game with a QR code. Hang memes on your wall! Create intricate outfits! Make a flag of your favorite sports team's logo!

    8. Dig holes before hitting stones to get more iron nuggets, clay, and other resources.


    Did you know you can get eight materials a day from one stone? There's a bit of a timer, so once you start hitting a stone, you have to keep hitting it quickly. Unfortunately, you get knocked back a bit each time, making it difficult to hit quickly enough. If you dig two holes diagonally from the stone (as pictured above) and stand at a diagonal to the stone, the holes will prevent you from being knocked back and you can hit eight times in a row. Hitting with a shovel is the best way to do this, by the way.

    9. Wanna cheat a little? Try "time traveling."


    Animal Crossing: New Horizons works in real time, so you actually have to wait until the next day (or sometimes a few days) for the story to advance, trees to grow, resources to respawn, etc. But all of this is determined by your Switch's internal clock, so you can "time travel" to move things faster. When you start, just set your clock backward by a week or so, then when you want to move along, exit the game and bump the clock forward one day.

    This can also be used for more exploitative plots, like setting your clock many years back, depositing some bells, then jumping forward and collecting the interest from your ABD account (your house might be in disrepair and overrun with cockroaches, though).

    Of course, part of the fun of ACNH is the relaxing pace, so use these hacks at your discretion.

    10. Choose the first three villagers you want to move to your island by using Nook Miles tickets.


    At any point before you finish building the first three new housing kits for Tom Nook, you can visit other islands with Nook Miles tickets and talk to the villager that lives there. If you like their personality, you can invite them to your island, and they'll be the first to move into the new houses. This will prevent you from getting a villager with a personality you don't like.

    11. Organize your trees into orchards for easier farming.


    As mentioned before, you can eat a piece of fruit to dig up an entire tree and re-plant it. You can use this to your advantage to re-organize your island how you see fit, including putting fruit trees into organized orchards. This way, you can have your farming habits on a set rotation and make sure you get all the money you can out of selling fruit each day. Plus, it looks pretty!

    12. Need wood but don't want to chop down a tree? Use the stone axe.


    The regular axe will chop down a tree after three swings, but a stone axe will still get you the wood you need without knocking down the tree.

    13. Turn manila clams into fish bait for more bells (or, you know, to use fish bait).


    Manila clams (the ones you dig up from the sand) sell for 100 bells, but fish bait sells for 200...and you can make one fish bait at a workbench using one manila clam. So basically, if you turn a clam into fish bait, you're getting a free 100 bells! You can also use the bait for a better chance at rare fish.

    14. Carry your workbench with you for convenience.


    Hopefully you've made yourself a Simple DIY Workbench so you don't have to keep using Tom Nook's. If so, you should get in the habit of carrying it around in your pocket instead of leaving it near your home. That way, if anything breaks while you're exploring your island, you can just place your workbench right there and make whatever you need!

    Do you have any helpful tips for the new Animal Crossing? Let us know in the comments!

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