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13 Things That'll Make Any Writer Say "Yep, True"

It's really about 90% staring at walls.

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1. First off, your browser history looks like that of a serial killer.

2. There's definitely a disconnect somewhere between your brain and your hands.

3. Reading any of your old writing is physically painful.

4. But you know it goes in cycles anyway.

5. It's really, really hard to just stick to one project.

6. Like, really hard.

7. Mostly because you keep blankly staring at stuff.

8. That is, if you can even find the time to do that.

9. You try just about any writing prompt you come across.

10. But when you finally do get rolling, it feels gooooooood.

11. And you start to find joy in the terrible, terrible things you think up.

12. Even though you might not be following all the rules.

13. But hey, when in doubt just remember: add dragons.

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