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    13 Stories From Tumblr That Are Hilarious, Heartwarming, Or A Total Plot Twist

    "I can now add, 'Yelled at by two priests at once,' to my list of accomplishments."

    1. This anecdote about a church prank:

    2. This story that can only happen if your dad's a cop:

    3. This family's approach to anti-gay relatives:

    4. This heartwarming tale of an upcoming artist:

    5. This story with a happy ending:

    6. This tale of a dad who was just trying to be sweet:

    7. This quick performance of a classic joke:

    8. This story that has a completely unexpected payoff:

    9. This story of a doctor who was destined for his career:

    10. This story of an activity guide who got way more than he expected:

    11. This story about a kid who was channeling a 1930s movie star:

    12. This story of a customer who forgot how eggs work:

    13. And finally, this story that is the ONLY valid example of "boys will be boys":