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Detroit Is Clearly The Worst City Ever, And I Have Proof

Trust me on this one.

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1. First off, Detroit doesn't have any beautiful or unique architecture.

Instagram: @foxeslovelemons

3. There's no nature or green space anywhere.

Instagram: @belleislestatepark

5. And in the winter, all that snow just makes everything so ugly.

Instagram: @puredetroit313

6. I mean, who would want to spend their winter HERE?

Instagram: @puredetroit313

7. Good luck finding any decent food.

Instagram: @surachet_d

8. Everyone knows that New York is the only city that does bagels.

Instagram: @downriversavage

9. And you can't get BBQ this far north. No, sir.

Instagram: @chowdowndetroit

11. All the houses are ugly, abandoned, and falling apart, right?

Instagram: @laughcries