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    13 Weird Food Combinations That People Swear Are Delicious

    How about french fries dipped in ranch AND maple syrup?

    We recently shared 18 ~interesting~ food combinations that people swear by, and BuzzFeed readers contributed a bunch of their own favorite combos. Here are some of the most intriguing ideas!

    1. Hummus and tamales.

    2. Strawberries and black pepper.

    3. Churros and sour cream.

    4. French fries with ranch and maple syrup.

    5. Cheez-Its and Craisins.

    6. Peanut butter and Cheetos sandwiches.

    7. Grilled cheese with peanut butter OR jelly/jam. Or maybe even both!

    8. Funnel cake with nacho cheese.

    9. Chocolate ice cream with wasabi.

    10. Vanilla ice cream with lemon juice.

    11. Cheetos Puffs dipped in tomato soup.

    12. Popcorn and honey mustard dipping sauce.

    13. Cream cheese and pizza.