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    13 Weird Food Combinations That People Swear Are Delicious

    How about french fries dipped in ranch AND maple syrup?

    We recently shared 18 ~interesting~ food combinations that people swear by, and BuzzFeed readers contributed a bunch of their own favorite combos. Here are some of the most intriguing ideas!

    1. Hummus and tamales.

    Pilipphoto / Getty Images, Bhofack2 / Getty Images

    I'm gonna catch hell for this but...hummus on tamales. Try it once and you'll never eat them the same way again. Lo siento abuela, pero it's so good.


    2. Strawberries and black pepper.

    Valentynvolkov / Getty Images, Sdart / Getty Images

    Strawberries and pepper. Sounds weird but it genuinely does work. The pepper somehow enhances the flavour of the strawberries?️


    3. Churros and sour cream.

    Nito100 / Getty Images,

    A warm churro with sour cream! I accidentally got sour cream on my churro once, but the cold creaminess of the sour cream worked really well with the churro.


    4. French fries with ranch and maple syrup.

    Shersor / Getty Images, Bwfolsom / Getty Images

    Dip fries first in ranch then in syrup. It tastes best with restaurant ranch.


    5. Cheez-Its and Craisins.

    Kellogg / Via, Ocean Spray / Via

    6. Peanut butter and Cheetos sandwiches., Pxhidalgo / Getty Images

    Peanut butter sandwiches with CHEETOS. Preferably crunchy PB with lightly toasted bread. Oh my gawd.


    7. Grilled cheese with peanut butter OR jelly/jam. Or maybe even both!

    abcdef2ghijk / Via

    Put peanut butter on your grilled cheese. You're welcome.

    —Audrey Smith, Facebook

    Toasted cheese sandwich with a layer of strawberry jam. It's the business.

    —Maddie Blackmore, Facebook

    8. Funnel cake with nacho cheese.

    lolliapples / Via

    If you are lucky enough to be at a fair/carnival that has funnel cake and a nacho stand, nacho cheese and funnel cake is amazing!

    —Joanna Barber, Facebook

    9. Chocolate ice cream with wasabi.

    Bartosz Luczak / Getty Images, Olgakr / Getty Images

    Wasabi and chocolate ice cream is the best.

    —Liz Arnold, Facebook

    10. Vanilla ice cream with lemon juice.

    Olgamiltsova / Getty Images, Belchonock / Getty Images

    —Indrani Vidyarthi, Facebook

    11. Cheetos Puffs dipped in tomato soup.

    Richard Griffin / Getty Images, Frito-Lay

    12. Popcorn and honey mustard dipping sauce.

    Artisteer / Getty Images,

    Popcorn and honey mustard! Coworker introduced me to it (we get free popcorn where we work) and it’s amazing. Has to be the honey mustard sauce you get from a fast food place though. I tried it with my roommate’s grocery store honey mustard and it was awful.


    13. Cream cheese and pizza.

    noon_of_dream / Via

    My absolute favourite "weird" food combo is cream cheese on pizza. Like, you have the regular mozzarella and whatnot, it's just that you then spread on a layer of cream cheese. It's really popular in my home state and also I'm told in Nebraska, but it's so hard to find elsewhere.