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    13 Dogs Who Have Suffered A Terrible Injustice

    They are all very good dogs and should have their beds back. H/T r/StolenDogBeds.

    1. This dog, serving up a Jim Halpert look to the camera:

    haysalpj /

    2. This dog, who at least managed to make his butt comfortable:

    pm_me_your_goldens /

    3. This dog, who let the little guy sprawl out:

    ginaration /

    4. This dog, whose eyes are just pleading for assistance:

    Jelsol /

    5. These TWO dogs, who were no match for the cat:

    onlysame1 /

    6. This dog, who made do:

    PapiDimmi /

    7. And this one, who took an unfair trade:

    pignoodle /

    8. This dog, who at least got a place to rest his head:

    Vivaveriki /

    9. This dog, who can't believe his eyes:

    mellamovictoria /

    10. This dog, who was kind enough to let the stuffed animal have the bed:

    gregnuttle /

    11. The owner of this bed, who has surrendered control to a ferret:

    EntropicZen /

    12. And the owner of this bed, who gave up his spot to a woodland friend:

    The_Spaxing_Piggeh /

    13. And finally, this dog, who got a little bit of revenge:

    phillabustinher /

    H/T r/StolenDogBeds.