13 Dogs In "Game Of Thrones" Costumes That You'll Definitely Bend The Knee To

    Valar morghulis, but these are dogs so it's OK.

    1. This very regal corgi:

    2. This pomsky who's well-suited to the North:

    3. This pupper of dragons:

    4. This queen who got her own nameday celebration:

    5. This Frenchie who looks great in a Baratheon crown:

    6. These dogs, who are all khaleesis to me:

    7. This benevolent ruler with a very tasty throne:

    8. This pup, who's nailing that Jon Snow stare:

    9. These two heirs to the Iron Throne:

    10. This excellent Olenna getup:

    11. This pup, who is ready to take the black:

    12. This pug, who is pledged to House Pizza:

    13. And finally, this star who has her own outtake reel: