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    12 Hacks To Make Netflix, Hulu And Amazon Prime Streaming Better

    Make your binge-watching less basic with these tips for Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

    1. Use an add-on like NEnhancer for a better browsing experience.

    2. Use your smartphone as a remote with certain devices.

    3. Watch Netflix and Hulu in actual HD.

    4. Want better streaming quality? Watch during the day.

    5. Watching in a country where content isn't available? Try Hola.

    6. Going on a long flight? Download movies from Amazon Prime.

    7. Change your subtitles so that they're actually readable.

    8. Can't decide what to watch? Roll the dice and leave it up to fate.

    9. If you watch using mobile data a lot instead of Wi-Fi, you might want to consider T-Mobile.

    10. Is your ex still using your Netflix account? Boot everyone off of your account and reset your password.

    11. Watch while you work with Helium.

    12. Create different profiles for different moods.