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    Updated on Apr 23, 2020. Posted on Apr 23, 2020

    12 Surprising Facts To Show Off To Your Friends

    Did you know that stop signs used to be yellow? Because I didn't.

    1. Netflix was founded before Google.

    Netflix, Google

    Netflix was founded in 1997, while Google was founded in 1998. Of course, Netflix started as a way of renting physical copies of movies online, so its streaming service came much later, in 2007.

    2. Australia exports sand and camels to the Middle East.

    Karim Sahib / Getty Images

    The camels are sometimes exported to places in the Middle East for breeding because they are free of diseases specific to the area. The sand, meanwhile, is used for construction, especially in places like Dubai. Australia isn't the only country exporting sand, and the Middle East isn't the only area importing it: China and India are among the biggest importers of sand and gravel for construction purposes.

    3. Yoda and Miss Piggy are voiced by the same person.

    Disney / Lucasfilm, Disney / ABC

    That person is legendary voice actor and puppeteer Frank Oz, who has also voiced Grover, Fozzie, and many other Muppets.

    4. NASA was sued for trespassing...on Mars.

    NASA / Getty Images

    Three men from Yemen claimed ownership of Martian land, based on mythologies of ancient civilizations in their geographic area. They sued NASA for trespassing and were also offering to sell plots of land on Mars for as little as $2 per square meter.

    5. Asphalt is actually a liquid that's 2 million times more viscous than honey.

    Asphalt — you know, the stuff you use to pave things — is actually a liquid, not a solid. It's just a very, very viscous liquid. Leave it long enough, and eventually you'll see it act like a liquid by conforming to a heavy object placed on it or even oozing through a funnel.

    6. If you made $7,500 an hour, every hour, from the birth of Jesus Christ to now, you still wouldn't have as much money as Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos's net worth.

    David Ryder / Getty Images

    If you earned $7,500 an hour for 2,020 years, you'd have $132,714,000,000, or $132.7 billion. Jeff Bezos currently has a net worth of approximately $138.5 billion.

    7. There are no bridges across the Amazon River. Not even one!

    Mantaphoto / Getty Images

    Despite being one of the world's longest rivers, the Amazon River doesn't have any bridges. This is partly because of engineering difficulties (soft sediment, changing water levels, etc.), but it's mostly because there just aren't that many roads in the Amazon Basin that need bridges.

    8. The lyrebird is perhaps the best imitator bird on the planet and can copy all kinds of sounds it hears. Here's a video of one doing some very convincing construction sounds:

    View this video on YouTube

    9. More people have walked on the moon than have won the notoriously difficult Japanese competition show Sasuke, aka Ninja Warrior.

    G4 Network

    The obstacle course on the show is so difficult that only seven people have completed the entire thing and achieved "Total Victory" during the show's 23-year history, not counting international versions. By contrast, 12 people have walked on the moon's surface.

    10. Texas is so huge that El Paso, Texas, is actually closer to San Diego (in California!) than it is to Beaumont, Texas.

    Google Maps

    You can start in El Paso and drive east for 12 hours and STILL be in Texas.

    11. Abraham Lincoln is in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

    National Archives / Getty Images

    Lincoln was an accomplished wrestler in his youth and has a spot in the Hall of Fame, along with fellow presidents George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, and William Howard Taft.

    12. Stop signs used to be yellow.


    Up until the 1920s, there were no standardized guidelines for stop signs, so they could be any color or shape. In 1922, the American Association of State Highway Officials decided that the signs should be yellow wouldn't work because the paint would fade over time and look too dark at night. It wasn't until the 1950s, when a fade-resistant red paint became available, that stop signs were standardized as red. The above photo is photoshopped, but you can still find some of the antique yellow signs for sale, like this one!

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