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    Apr 6, 2019

    12 Awesome, Unique Hotels That You Might Actually Be Able To Afford

    Hey, how about a hotel inside a CAVE??

    1. This hotel with train cars inside that serve as individual rooms.

    Spongecandybandit / Via

    The Crowne Plaza in downtown Indianapolis is built in a former train station and has guest rooms inside these antique train cars. There's still a functioning train station attached to the hotel as well, so it's a dream for train enthusiasts. Rooms start around $160/night.

    2. This hotel in Shanghai that was built into an abandoned quarry.

    Some of the hotel's floors are completely under the surface of the water, but you can get a room above the water if that freaks you out too much. The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland costs roughly $500/night.

    3. This hotel with private "pods" overlooking the Mexican countryside.

    4. This hotel, which has a giant aquarium in the middle...and that aquarium has a functioning elevator inside it, too!

    5. This Finnish hotel that was once an actual county prison!

    Hotel Katajanokka / Via

    Hotel Katajanokka in Helsinki is a converted prison that was originally built back in 1888. The rooms themselves are nicely updated and don't feel like cells at all, but you can see remnants of the hotel's former life in the corridors and by looking at the exterior. Rooms start at about $190/night.

    6. This Swedish hotel that'll have you living like a Viking.

    Kolarbyn Ecolodge / Via

    Kolarbyn Ecolodge is less of a hotel and more of a camping experience, with these adorable, cozy huts out in the middle of nature. There's also a communal lodge with tables for enjoying the meal you cooked over the fire, and a floating sauna on the lake accessible by canoe! Generally you book the whole "adventure" as opposed to single nights, so prices run about $750 for a three-night stay.

    7. This B&B in New Mexico that's built into a cave.

    Kokopelli's Cave / Via

    This bed and breakfast inn, built into the vertical cliffs over the La Plata River valley in New Mexico, features multiple rooms, a replica Native American kiva, and a bathroom with a waterfall shower and a jacuzzi tub. And yeah, it's a real cave, so there's no A/C or heat, but the temperature remains a consistent 68 to 73 degrees year-round. Rates vary, so you'll want to reach out to Kokopelli's Cave to make a reservation.

    8. This Harry Potter–themed hotel in London, where you can feel like you're in the Gryffindor common room.

    Daniel Dalton / BuzzFeed

    This room in the Georgian House Hotel in London isn't officially licensed by Warner Bros. or anything, but it has some details and ambiance that'll make you feel like you're spending the night at Hogwarts anyway. The wizard chambers start around $350/night.

    9. This library-themed hotel, where each floor has a theme based on the Dewey Decimal System.

    Library Hotel / Via, Library Hotel / Via

    The Library Hotel in New York City is any book nerd's dream: They have an "Honorary Librarian" on hand to give you selections of books, you can download bestseller ebooks during your stay, and each floor is themed based on its number in the Dewey Decimal Classification system. So if you stay on the fifth floor, the rooms will be math and science themed (botany, zoology, and dinosaurs are a few examples). Rates start around $350/night.

    10. This hotel which has multiple treehouses to sleep in.

    Treehouse Point / Via

    Treehouse Point in Washington, just 30 minutes outside of Seattle, has about a half dozen furnished treehouses for guests to sleep in, plus lodges that can be used as event spaces. Your treehouse won't have a bathroom (there are communal bath houses for that), but c'mon, it's a treehouse! There's no instant booking, so you'll have to reach out to inquire about room rates and event costs.

    11. This hotel with glass-top igloo rooms, so you can see the stars (and maybe the Aurora Borealis) at night.

    12. This Indonesian hotel with a glass-floor Udang House.

    Bambu Indah / Via

    Bambu Indah bills itself as a "sustainably minded jungle retreat" and has a number of gorgeous houses to stay in. You may like the Copper House, which is open-air and has sweeping views of the jungle below, or you could go with the Udang House (pictured above), which is modeled after traditional shrimp/fishing houses and has a glass floor so you can see the marine life swimming below. Rates start at $225 for the Udang House and range up to $485 or above for larger houses.

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