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    11 TV Comedies You Aren't Watching But Totally Should Be

    Put 'em on your watchlist.

    1. Fleabag

    2. The Other Two

    3. One Day at a Time

    #sponsored Salud to the return of @OneDayAtATime for season 3 on Netflix #ODAAT

    If you haven't been watching this charming sitcom, you probably heard about it because of its cancellation by Netflix. After an uproar from fans (rule of thumb: shows with that passionate a fan base are usually excellent), the show was revived on Pop TV, the network that's currently most famous for the also-hilarious Schitt's Creek. Now you can start watching!

    Where to watch: Netflix (currently), Pop TV (starting in 2020)

    4. Florida Girls

    Here's your opportunity to catch up on the premiere of #FloridaGirls! Download the #PopNow app to stream the first two episodes.

    This brand-new show also comes from Pop TV and focuses on a group of burnout friends from Clearwater, Florida, who — in their own words — "met when we were 5, started drinking when we were 12, and dropped out when we were 16." When one of their friends actually gets her GED and leaves town for better things, they have to come to terms with being loser townies...or not. What ensues is a hilarious and often inappropriate glimpse at life in a trashy small town.

    Where to watch: Pop TV (airs Wednesdays 10/9c, first two episodes available online)

    5. Good Omens

    6. Pen15

    Mix CDs…the 7th grade equivalent of an engagement ring. #PEN15show

    There have been shows about middle school before. But they usually don't feature two grown-ass adults playing teenage versions of themselves, surrounded by a cast of actual teens. That little gimmick is comedy gold, and when you combine it with some powerful early-2000s nostalgia, you have one of the funniest shows on TV right now.

    Where to watch: Hulu

    7. Letterkenny

    8. Shrill

    9. Dead to Me

    10. Russian Doll

    11. Corporate

    Life hack: If someone’s mad at you, make them seem petty for it and watch them fold.

    Comedy Central

    It's amazing how a show as fundamentally bleak as Corporate can also manage to be so damn funny. It focuses on two junior executives (Matt Ingebretson and Jake Weisman) who work at possibly the most soulless, post-capitalist corporation you've ever seen. The stories inevitably go hilariously over-the-top, but they're always based in very relatable truths: For example, in one episode, Matt's keyboard breaks and he can't use exclamation marks anymore, causing everyone to interpret his emails as unnecessarily rude and hostile. It's exactly the kind of stuff that anyone who's ever worked in an office will see and say, "Same."

    Where to watch: Comedy Central (third and final season premieres in 2020)