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13 Dogs You Might See On The Dance Floor

We all know a dog or two who are slaves to the beat. Here are just a few of their kind.

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1. The Drunk-dad-at-a-wedding dog


This dog was later found crying about his divorce in the car park.

2. The Secret Crunker

Literally dances like no-one's watching.

3. The Salsa Instructor

This dog can't resist an opportunity to unleash his Latino groove ever since he found cheap Salsa lessons on Groupon.

4. The Joey Tribbiani School of Dance Graduate

If you stay late enough, he might even do Jazz Hands.

5. The Dog Whose Hips Do Not Lie

Shakira called. She wants her moves back.

6. The Dog Who Shouldn't Have Had That Last Jaegerbomb

Go home Dog, you're drunk.

7. Riverdog

He let his mind go, and his body followed. Michael Flatley, watch your back.

8. Fred Astaire's Spirit Animal

Ginger Rogers' dog says she'd tap that.

9. The Dog Who Asked You to Slow Dance at High School Prom

You said no, but he did it anyway.

10. Beyonce's Backing Dancer

Add a black leotard and some paw turning gestures and he could be a very proud Single Doggie.

11. The Limb Flailer

Taking inspiration from 98% of the white adult male population, this dog just flails his limbs in the hope it might look something vaguely like dancing.

12. The Dogs Who've Been Practising at Home

Try as you might to resist it, you won't be able to stop these fine bitches owning you on the dancefloor.

13. The Dog With Irish Roots

Riverdog's predecessor.

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