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    • andyf7

      Most of these are A.-Common sense…and B.-Easily blocked, using settings on FB.
      If you can’t figure them out for yourself, please, die…or at the very least, go use Twitter…it’s obviously more your speed. Now, as for…”comments are not for conversations”.
      Says who?
      The example provided is admittedly a little annoying, because it’s off topic and pointless…but if the conversation is relevant to the thing posted…talk all you want.
      That IS, in fact, what the comments are supposed to be for, people. Most of the rest of this is personal preference, and I have blocked or unfollowed plenty of people for doing it, and will again.
      I also have a “dislike” button, an add-on that only other people who have the same add-on can see…but it makes me feel better to click it.
      Point being, get over it. Figure it out.
      Do what makes you happy…even if what makes you happy is posting ridiculous nonsense no one will ever care about, in life.
      Adapt and overcome.

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