Posted on Feb 4, 2016

    Facebook Celebrates Its Birthday With #FriendsDay Videos

    "I'll be there for you," says the social network. "I hate everyone," replies the internet.

    Can you believe it? The world's biggest social network turns 12 today. My, hasn't she grown? Happy Birthday, Facebook!

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    This year, those nostalgic souls at the tech giant have rebranded their milestone "Friends Day".

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    To celebrate, they have stitched together its users' greatest feel-good moments into a personalised video montage to make us feel things.

    Some users clearly embraced the day and celebrated their BFFs and bromances.

    Facebook: taapseeofficial
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    But others were less impressed.

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    Hahaha my Facebook #friendsday thing was half made up of people who now hate/ignore me. Thanks, Facebook!

    Happy #friendsday everyone.....wish I had some😪

    My facebook #friendsday video just reminded me how much I hate everyone

    And some people complained their bespoke montages comprised evil exes or worse.

    .@facebook filled my "Happy Friends Day" video with pictures of dead relatives which is nice. A cheery start to the day so thanks for that.👍

    But Facebook says the day is an "occasion to celebrate extraordinary stories about the power of friendship".

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    And, well, friends rock.

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