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    5 Reasons Why Vodka Should Be Your BFFE

    I just rescued some Vodka it was trapped in a Tito's bottle. As another weekend quickly ends, other than happy hours after work and your occasional appearance at the gym, nothing really excites me more than hanging out with my best friend. Here are five reasons why vodka should be your best friend too.

    1. Stress Reliever


    Vodka has been proven to relieve stress more than wine and other liquors. This shit is science... drink your vodka and UNWIND.

    2. Helps you lose weight


    Ummm did you say that it helps you lose weight?! That is correct! Women who drink moderately gained less weight and were less likely to become overweight. Tito's is gluten-free so you don't have to worry about that nasty "gluten" word anymore!

    3. Whitens teeth


    STOP wasting your money on teeth whitening products, that BARELY works - just drink copious amounts of vodka. This magical Austin potion is proven to whiten teeth and can freshen breath just as effectively as Listerine.

    4. Tomorrow won't completely suck


    No one likes feeling like a bag of d*cks after a night of drinking. Congeners are byproducts of fermentaion in booze which gives you that nasty hangover. Vodka contains substantially less congeners!

    5. It tastes like magic


    Don't ask me how I know this but Tito's taste like magic in a bottle. You can pour this handmade vodka into any cocktail and it will taste significally better than before, GUARANTEED!

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