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What Happens When Parents Attempt To Define Popular Hashtags?

When you're home for the holidays, you realize the older generation has a special way of misinterpreting texts. Get your family up to speed on modern culture and find a BuzzFeed post that’s right for you with the Android Post-O-Matic. Be together. Not the same.

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A group of 20 parents from all over the United States were asked to define popular hashtags. The answers revealed some surprising similarities... and differences.


"On the phone." - Joyce, 58

"Over that person." - Dena, 61

"Over the top." - Andrea, 59

"One time please… Are these dirty?" - Andy, 56

"Out to party." - Melanie, 51

"Off to pamper." - Midge, 60

What it means: One True Pairing


"Oh, oh. Touchdown!" - Monta, 62

"Offer of the day." - Jill, 55

"One of those days." - Ellen, 56

“Only once today.” - Midge, 60

"Onto other tedious details." - Tim, 65

What it means: Outfit Of The Day


"Take back Thursday." - Craig, 59

"Tit before tat." - John, 71

"To be talking." - Vivian, 64

"To be tasted. When you're at a restaurant." - Melanie, 51

"To be together." - Jane, 52

What it means: Throwback Thursday


"Facebook friend." - Mike, 64

"Friends before family." - John, 71

"Female bromance forever." - Jill, 55

"Fast best friends." - Midge, 60

"Friday be Friday." - Cindy, 60

What it means: Follow Back Friday


"Off to the loo? WC is a toilet but it wouldn't be that?" - Penelope, 55

"With choice words." - Amy, 48

"Will call whenever." - Cindy, 60

"Work carefully and wisely." - Stanley, 66

"We can watch." - Judy, 60

"Would, could, won't." - Elle, 65

What it means: Woman Crush Wednesday


"Slim Shady." - Andy, 56

"Eminem." - Wayne, 65

"Someone sketchy." - Linda, 64

"Cool." - Tim, 65

"Chillin', as in 'made in the shade.'" - Tom, 63

"Schadenfreude." - Noelle, 61

What it means: Acting in a shady or disrespectful manner toward someone. Used as a noun with the verb "throw," as in "She threw shade on all of us."


"Ordinary anything." - Monta, 62

"No makeup." - Midge, 60

"Easy." - Wayne, 65

"Ordering a hamburger without the fries." - David, 57

"Down to earth." - Linda, 64

"Just regular people." - Pat, 66

What it means: Unsophisticated, classless, trashy.


"Jay Z had an affair." - Phil, 61

"My bad." - Tim, 65

"Cheating on a diet." - David, 57

"Messed up." - Midge, 60

"I hate winter." - Cindy, 60

What it means: A selfie taken while pretending to be asleep that is passed off as having been taken by a nonexistent significant other.*

*This is almost impossible to explain to parents. Do not attempt.


"Not sure about this one, but it sounds nasty." - Joyce, 58

"WT??? Is this a new word???" - Monta, 62

"Slang for 'on foot.'" - Melanie, 51

"On vacation. I can't wait to be on fleek." - Midge, 60

"On Donner, on Blitzen, on Rudolph, on Fleek." - Jane, 52

What it means: On point. Exceptional.