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20 Reasons Big Families Make The Holidays Better

More family means more joy (and chaos). Celebrate the things that make us all different and use the Post-O-Matic to find a BuzzFeed post that’s right for you. Be together. Not the same.

1. Being in a big family over the holidays is like being stuck in a Harlem Shake video.

2. With all the extra hands, you can tackle the biggest decoration jobs.

3. At least one of your cousins will reliably show up in a fresh tacky sweater.

4. Your youngest family members are also great for teaching you the newest, hottest dance moves.

5. There's the comfort of having more than one sibling if you end up in a neighborhood snowball fight.

6. And your army of siblings can help you build armies of unique snowmen soldiers.

7. Everyone's got that uncle who always goes snow angeling. You've probably also got one who does snow diving.

8. Board games can turn into chaos, in the best way possible.

9. Finding a place to nap can be a pain.

10. And never forget that more family means MOAR PRESENTZ!

11. Christmas trees always look extra baller with a great variety of big and small presents in different wrapping, ribbons, and bows underneath.

12. And if you don’t like your present, there’s always someone with alternative taste to swap with.

13. There will undoubtedly be a feast with lots and lots of food.

14. And the food is guaranteed to be super-high quality, since your one-upping aunts and uncles want bragging rights.

15. Plus, no one will ever know that you didn’t eat Uncle Kyle's turkey sushi or Aunt Dee's vegan meat loaf since there will be so much there.

16. And best of all, a million different desserts.

17. There's a surplus of victims for pranks.

18. Of course, if you’re not about all the physical contact with relatives, there’s probably a younger cousin you can use as a buffer.

19. And last but not least: hugs galore!

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