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12 Jobs You Didn't Know People Actually Had

We all have special skills, some more obscure than others. Discover your own superpower and use the Post-O-Matic to find a BuzzFeed post that’s right for you. Be together. Not the same.

There really is an outlet for even the most obscure skill.

1. People Pusher

In both Japan and China there are now professional people pushers. To minimize train delays during peak times, stations are equipped with professionals trained in the art of pushing everyone onto the train in a timely manner to keep things moving.

2. Horse Massager

3. Ice Cream Taster

Ice cream scientists are equipped with degrees in either food science or nutrition and specialize in thinking up new flavor combinations and ice cream textures that will hopefully be a huge hit with your taste buds.

4. Duck Master

Since the 1940s at The Peabody Memphis, there has been a daily duck march led by the Duckmaster. Think you have Duckmaster chops? Learn how you can prove yourself as an honorary Duckmaster and join the ranks of Patrick Swayze and Oprah Winfrey.

5. Bed Warmer

6. Still Stander

To make their displays feel more personal and engaging, some stores are employing live mannequins. As they stay as still as possible between position changes, they give store shoppers an unexpected and ever-changing experience. Ever tried to pass as a mannequin? Maybe you should try it for real.

7. Artistic Mermaid

8. Smell Creator

A true perfumer can create smells that have three notes. The industry for perfumery is very small though, as The Guardian notes, there are fewer perfumers in the world than astronauts.

9. Soft Stylist

These soft-goods fabric stylists know how to make clothes into art. They have a keen eye that knows exactly how to make each individual piece pop and complement each other at the same time.

10. Truffle Hunter

11. Wrinkle Chaser

Shoe-obsessed, detail-oriented folks have a new profession all to themselves. Wrinkle Chasers use ironing techniques to remove all wrinkles and imperfections from shoes before they head out of a factory to be sold.

12. And Frisbee Tosser

Playing on the beach with your friends used to be as far as you could go in the world of frisbee. Today, with the growing popularity of Ultimate, athletes can join a professional league.

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