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What Really Specific Sex Kink Are You Into That Most People Don't Know About

Time to spice things up.

Note: This post is intended to embrace all forms of sexuality. No sex-shaming allowed. 

Everyone has their thing, and with sex, sometimes that thing is a very, very specific kink.

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I'm not talking about handcuffs or role-play — I want to go deeper than that. It could be something you've tried or a fantasy you've always had.

Miley Cyrus grinding on a person in a horse costume
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Maybe you are into furries but have recently discovered your particular interest in hamster furries.

hamster furry costume
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Or maybe you randomly stumbled across a porn video of someone getting peed on, and you and your partner decided to test it out for yourselves, and now you love it.

Two men engaged in sex
John Gress / Getty Images

Or perhaps you like to be slightly electrocuted during sex, because you've found it provides a tingling sensation.

Thepalmer / Getty Images

Whatever your kink, we want to know! This is a judgment-free zone, and the more detail you are comfortable sharing, the better. Let me know your most unique, most secret sex kink in the comments below. Or if you'd prefer, feel free to submit through this anonymous form. Your submission could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed community post!