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    Vanessa Hudgens Has A New Boyfriend Named Cole Tucker — Here's What We Know

    Yes, he's a fan of High School Musical.

    Vanessa Hudgens has gone IG official with her new boo, Cole Tucker.

    But unless you're up-to-date on Major League Baseball knowledge, you probably haven't heard of him.

    So I did some digging around, and here's what I've learned about him so far:

    1. He plays for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

    2. He's a shortstop.

    3. He's only 24 years old.

    4. And he was born and raised in Phoenix.

    5. His younger brother, Carson, also plays professional baseball.

    There for my big day. Here for his. Congratulations @DookieTucker29 for signing your contract today. I’ll see you in the big leagues!

    @cotuck / Twitter / Via Twitter: @cotuck

    He even plays shortstop too.

    6. He appreciates art.

    7. He's very outspoken about equality and Black Lives Matter.

    I wish America cared about black folks as much as they care about buildings

    @cotuck / Twitter / Via Twitter: @cotuck

    He also does a lot of advocacy work through public speaking and volunteering.

    8. He can play the drums.

    9. And he plays guitar, too.

    10. He once dressed as Frozone from The Incredibles for Halloween.

    11. One time, he met the Jonas Brothers.

    12. But most importantly, he's a High School Musical stan.

    In search of: A girl who's down to watch High School Musical with me and scratch my back.

    @cotuck / Twitter / Via Twitter: @cotuck

    I wonder if Vanessa scratches his back while they watch.

    Well done, V-Hudge, well done.