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    15 Unpopular Opinions About Sex That You May Or May Not Agree With

    "I just don’t get how you can have sex with someone you aren’t with."

    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to share some of their most unpopular opinions about sex. Here are the best responses:

    Note: Obviously everyone's bodies, experiences, and interests are different, so keep doing your thing. Just make sure you communicate with your partner or partners and always have consent.

    1. Missionary is actually the superior position.

    Two women staring into each other's eyes

    2. Putting your mouth on someone's butt isn't cute.

    "Eating ass is nasty. That is all."


    3. Spitting during sex is kind of gross.

    "I can't stand it! I HATE seeing it in porn!"


    4. Sex right before sleeping can feel like a chore.

    A woman holding up a timer that says "wrap it up" during sex

    5. Sometimes, giving a hand job is better than anything else.

    "I prefer giving my guy a hand job and then saying good night. I'm just not that into sex. If I want an orgasm, I take care of business myself."


    6. Porn is gross.

    Gwyneth Paltrow talking about sex

    7. "Cowboy" isn't great, whether you're on top or the bottom.

    "As a gay man, I hate the cowboy/reverse-cowboy positions. I hate it as a top because I don't have the control, and I hate it as a bottom because it's basically intense exercise and I always feel like my hip ends up cramping."


    8. Taking forever to finish is incredibly frustrating.

    The Office character saying "we make love all night"

    9. And changing positions too much can be exhausting.

    "Sometimes I’m like, 'OMG, STOP AND JUST BANG! THIS IS TOO MUCH WORK!"


    10. Not everyone likes their neck to be kissed.

    Rachel and Ross from friends cuddling naked

    11. Foreplay is more fun than sex.

    "I’m into kink, so I guess that’s why I feel that way...I don't know. I like foreplay to last a good, long while, but the actual sex? Not so much."


    12. Swallowing is a no.



    13. Sex without a serious emotional connection isn't enjoyable.

    Woman and man looking very awkward in bed after sex

    14. Having sex spontaneously isn't clean or sanitary.

    "If you’re having sex with someone who has a penis, get them to wash it first!"


    15. Partnered sex is overrated.

    Woman talking about masturbating

    What are your unpopular sex opinions? Tell us in the comments below.

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.