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    Someone On Twitter Said It's "Tacky" To Eat Free Bread Immediately At Restaurants, And The Responses Have Me In Tears

    I want bread to ooze out of my pores by the time I'm done.

    Bread lovers — brace yourselves, because what I'm about to say could be upsetting.

    Shalita Grant / Via

    Recently, @sIicksista asked Twitter to settle a debate for her: whether or not it's tacky to eat the free bread at a restaurant immediately when they set it in front of you.

    had this argument in a gc but i wanna know the truth. isn’t it very tacky for somebody to eat the free bread as soon as you get it?

    @sIicksista / Via Twitter: @sIicksista

    She then further expounded upon her point, saying she believes it's best to wait five minutes before reaching for the bread.

    you should wait five minutes before reaching for the bread. if you that hungry you should’ve had a pregame meal.

    @sIicksista / Via Twitter: @sIicksista

    First of all, the answer is overwhelmingly, undeniably, and irrevocably no.

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    Wherefore would the bread be placed in front of a hungry human if not for the sole purpose of being eaten?

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    —William Shakespeare (probably)

    Second, wait five minutes?? It's only HOT for five minutes.

    Arthur stuffing a whole cake in his mouth with the caption "Me with free bread"
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    Get it while it's good, fam.

    Like, this is the energy I'm trying to bring to every establishment that offers free bread.

    Man in interrogation cell discussing why you have to eat all of the donuts so you don't look guilty
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    I see no lies.

    And it seems that 297,333 people (so far) agree with me. The votes currently stand at 97.3% saying "no," it's not tacky, and only 2.7% saying "yes."

    Person going to church saying, "Amen"
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    But that's not the best part. People are going OFF in their responses.

    Man saying "together they make a mighty weapon"
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    @sIicksista Me at the table waiting for them to bring my bread:

    @KingHyde12 / Via Twitter: @KingHyde12

    @sIicksista Baby, the bread is there for you to eat

    @jennyagyei / Via Twitter: @jennyagyei

    @sIicksista You and the bread having a 5 minute stare down so it’s not tacky

    @ABRbeanz / Via Twitter: @ABRbeanz

    @ABRbeanz @sIicksista She’s gonna be staring at an empty bread basket if she’s waiting five minutes.

    @redhedrdemption / Via Twitter: @redhedrdemption

    @sIicksista Girl what? Life is NEVER this serious to wait to eat some fucking bread.

    @YaGirlJ4 / Via Twitter: @YaGirlJ4

    @sIicksista Ain’t anything on the planet that 97% of people agree with. You could ask if the Pope is a lizard and get 4% yes.

    @JacsonBevens / Via Twitter: @JacsonBevens

    @sIicksista Imagine letting some a1 garlic bread go cold cause you don't wanna look hungry while sitting in a restaurant.

    @CatchBoyardee / Via Twitter: @CatchBoyardee

    @DROPCOFFIN1 @sIicksista She JUMPED at the bread, Jerry! I hadn't even sat down and she was spreading butter on her second slice [laugh track]

    @SwampCommunist / Via Twitter: @SwampCommunist

    @sIicksista all of Twitter comin’ to make this the most decisive poll of all time

    @aurawrart / Via Twitter: @aurawrart

    @J_Nova_Kane @sIicksista like????? am i supposed to go eat before i go… eat?

    @soldi3005_ / Via Twitter: @soldi3005_

    But I think the tweet that really spoke to my soul is this one...

    @sIicksista Sick to my stomach that any person can be this stupid. I want my waiter to be in shambles over how much bread I am consuming. They should be terrified to ask the kitchen for more bread. Tensions between the staff should reach a boiling point as I fill up on free bread.

    @BrooderMr / Via Twitter: @BrooderMr

    (Minus the stupid part, of course.)

    And yeah, maybe I am tacky...but I'm stuffed and happy! So, what do y'all think about this debate? Let us know in the comments below!

    And please don't hate on @sistaslick, who created this poll!! There's literally no need to attack her.