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    Laura Donnelly And Ann Skelly's Real-Life Friendship Is So Adorable

    Two crime-fighting besties on and off screen.

    If you've seen The Nevers, you know hands down that the best part of the show is the strong friendship between Penance (Ann Skelly) and True (Laura Donnelly).

    But what makes their onscreen friendship even better is that they're also BFFs in real life.

    "We've gotten to know each other through these characters," Laura said in a recent interview for SyFy Wire. "And we do have a lot of similarities to our own characters and in our dynamic with each other. I guess just a lot of what you're seeing on the screen is just what we really are like with one another."

    There are definitely some blurred lines between their characters and their real selves, according to Laura. "I wonder if we just met outside of work, how much of our friendship would still resemble Amalia and Penance's?" Laura said. "Because I don't know where one begins or the other ends anymore."

    Ann said just listening to Laura at table reads was a huge inspiration to her own acting. "It's so fun to get to listen and react off another actor that you trust so much," she said. "Laura's style of acting is just so real."

    And gushing over your BFF is always a must. "Laura is the coolest girl in the room at any given time," Ann told Glamour.

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    Even though The Nevers finished the first half of its first season, at least we can hope to see these two leading ladies in more roles together in the future!

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