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    People Are Sharing Huge Trends That We All Forgot Existed And Wow, R.I.P. Tamagotchi

    The choke hold Silly Bandz had on all of y'all.

    Trends come and go, so it's easy to forget that at one point in our lives our thoughts were consumed by one thing.

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    Well, thanks to Reddit user u/_somename_, who asked, "What was a HUGE trend that everyone has forgotten?" I'm about to unlock memories buried deep in your subconscious. Here are the 21 best responses.

    1. The bacon-flavored era.

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    "There were bacon costumes, toothpaste, candy, everything."


    2. When we all thought mustaches were the only accessory needed.

    Mustache phone case
    Society 6 / Via

    "...from upper lips, to T-shirts, to finger tattoos." 


    3. The elite era: scaring your cat with a cucumber and recording it.

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    My Cartoon Show / Via


    4. Remember when people used to just straight-up plank out of nowhere? And on literally anything...

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    5. That time when we all wanted to prove we had compassion by wearing a Livestrong band.

    LiveStrong band collection

    6. And of course, who could forget the choke hold that cup stacking had on us?

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    7. Juicy Couture. That's the tweet.

    Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton wearing Juicy Couture in early 2000s
    Vogue / Via

    "When I was in high school, it was common to see whole packs of girls wearing those velvet tracksuits, and then it just stopped." 


    8. UGG boots, which are somehow still kickin'.

    Ugg boots
    ilovefriday / Via

    9. Slap bracelets that people rarely ever actually wore, and instead used them to traumatize their friends and siblings.

    Hand and arm with lots of colorful slap bracelets on them

    10. "My Tamagotchi is dying." —Every kid in the early 2000s.

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    11. The oddly widespread Ed Hardy T-shirt trend.

    Pauly D wearing Ed Hardy
    Mindy Small / FilmMagic / Getty Images

    12. That time period when at literally any moment, someone could burst into the "Harlem Shake."

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    DizastaMusic / Via

    13. When mood rings were the only rings that mattered.

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    "All of the girls at my school had them." 


    14. The overwhelming obsession with literal rubber bands, aka Silly Bandz.

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    StrattonPartners / Via

    "My entire arms were covered."


    15. When everyone went around yelling, "Waaaazzzzzuuup!" unironically, all because of this 1999 Budweiser commercial.

    Man on phone yelling "wazzuup" to his friend
    Rodrigo Arijon / Via

    16. And then on a similar note, when everyone said, "Do it for the Vine," in response to literally everything.

    Little girl saying she wont' do it for the vine
    Fun Master / Via

    17. These completely useless sunglasses that Kanye West popularized.

    Kanye West wearing shutter shades
    Wantering / Via

    18. Lisa Frank–themed school supplies.

    Lisa Frank / Via

    "They were so in your face that you pretty much had to respect them no matter what your attitude toward that kind of art was." 


    19. When no one was safe from the Ice Bucket Challenge all because of one man in Florida.

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    The Telegraph / Via

    20. These not-so-warm, thin scarves.

    Lindsay Lohan wearing thin scarf
    Albert L. Ortega / WireImage / Getty Images

    21. Having a cute, fun nickname in your text message signature to let everyone know you were quirky.

    Razr phone
    Tigo Honduras / Via

    "I still miss seeing stuff like 'xXcrazy4bowsXx' on the bottom of my messages."


    What are some other huge trends we've all forgotten about? Tell us in the comments below.