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    I Can't Stop Laughing At The Sarcasm Behind The "Inspirational Quotes" TikTok Trend

    Time to order a printout for my bedroom.

    Inspirational quotes can typically be found all over Instagram, Pinterest, or the kitchens of Southern moms.

    Shoot for the moon inspirational poster
    Haitong Yu / Getty Images

    But now they're taking over TikTok with a slight twist. In a new trend, users are turning the most indifferent, heinous, and hilarious phrases people have said to them into "inspirational quotes."

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    All of the videos feature Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles" as the sound, which is an added bonus.

    For example, @rod pointed out the general emails and texts many of us have probably all received at one time or another from our boss that cause major anxiety.

    @rod / Via

    Like when your boss hits you with the "K" and it's hard to know how to act.

    TikTok of a vague text from someone's boss
    @rod / Via

    Or the comforting words of Arab parents to their highly-anxious child, @hebabarakat.

    @hebabarakat / Via

    Or this mom, @mboulukos, who must feel so loved by her teenage daughter.

    @mboulukos / Via

    Moms really put up with a lot.

    I think we can all agree that people in labor are superheroes, as pointed out by OB nurse, @mackenzie.on.motherhood.

    http://@mackenzie.on.motherhood / Via

    "Cut him out of me," is almost poetic.

    This teacher, @mrwilliamsprek, must really love his job.

    @mrwilliamsprek / Via

    Kids can be mean.

    Dressing up as a Disney princess isn't always a fairytale. Poor Elsa (@esthervallins) gets trolled daily.

    @esthervallins / Via

    Ah yes, the wise words of a gamer: @watchvenn.

    @watchvenn / Via

    And finally, we have the heartfelt exchange between @tacobellqween and her brother.

    @tacobellqween / Via

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