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    Taylor Swift Made A TikTok About Missing Fans, And Damn, It's 7 A.M.

    "I miss us."

    Good morning, Swifties.

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    Taylor Swift is still relatively new to TikTok, but that didn't stop her from completely wrecking us this Monday morning.

    Taylor Swift wearing eye mask and saying "it's 7 am"
    Taylor Swift / Via

    She posted a video about how she's enjoyed making music during the pandemic to "connect with fans from afar," but that she misses performing live in concerts.

    @taylorswift / Via

    This is the video in question. It's captioned "I miss us."

    I have to say, she completely nailed this trend. The caption, the music, the flashback photos are all perfect.

    @taylorswift / Via

    The plead face gets me. 

    Almost immediately, Taylor Swift started trending on Twitter with "#WeMissYouTaylor" as her fans began sharing their love.

    WE MISS YOU TAYLOR (can’t wait to see you live again) 🤍🤍🤍

    @itsvaleabarca / Dimitios Kambouris, Getty Images / Via Twitter: @itsvaleabarca

    the way she wrote “i miss us” instead of “i miss you” i’m not crying you are. WE MISS YOU TAYLOR

    @ThrowbackTaylor / Via Twitter: @ThrowbackTaylor

    Taylor Swift is really missing her all swifties and we miss her too 😭 , “ WE MISS YOU TAYLOR ”

    @repenthusiasmts / Via Twitter: @repenthusiasmts


    @ruinedbytaylor / Via Twitter: @ruinedbytaylor

    kinda want to give her the biggest hug right now, WE MISS YOU TAYLOR 🥺

    @fancysnaake / Via Twitter: @fancysnaake

    “People are gonna get sick of me” You sure about that love? WE MISS YOU TAYLOR

    @scrofanoswift / Via Twitter: @scrofanoswift

    she gave us so much and this time we’re returning the favor. we love you and thank you for giving us so much these past years 💙💙💙 WE MISS YOU TAYLOR

    @delicatraitor / Via Twitter: @delicatraitor

    I think...I've never been more ready to go to a Taylor Swift concert in my entire life.

    Taylor Swift / Via

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