Meet Sienna Gomez, The Body-Positive Queen Blowing Up On TikTok

    She's got us all out here dancing like revved-up squirrels.

    At some point in your COVID-19 quarantine, you have most likely scrolled through TikTok and stumbled upon Sienna dancing on your “For You” page.

    IDK what those pants are, but she's working them.

    Her real name: Sienna Mae Gomez, aka CEO of the squirrel dance.


    @sugahoniicetea 🐿💨 ALL DAY EVERYDAY

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    The 16-year-old’s FIRST video posted back in August on her spam account blew up almost overnight and now has more than 18.9 million views, and earned her 7.7 million followers in less than three months.


    “i just ate” -olivia ponton❤️

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    Dancing to "WAP," no less.

    Sienna told BuzzFeed that the spam account was originally created just for her family and friends, and she was “shocked” that so many people saw her first post. “I didn’t go on TikTok for a few days and then when I got on it had around 400K [views] and it’s just gone from there."


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    For a young teenager suddenly thrust into her new role, Sienna says she is “realizing that this silly video really made an impact.”

    What started as “the biggest joke” has now fueled a new wave of body positivity on TikTok (and by "body positivity," I just mean normalizing people with bodies).


    #duet with @see.en.nuh HAHAHAHA I love you guys

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    So many people are shocked that women have stomachs?

    Sienna’s posts, which almost always include her confidently dancing with her stomach out, are inspiring thousands of other women and young girls to feel good in their own skin, and sparking debates surrounding what constitutes a “healthy” body.


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    In three months, Sienna went from any other teenager on TikTok, to an inspiration for millions of other young girls and women. “This is such an amazing thing to be representing because there are so many women that are part of this movement, not just me, and I'm honored to be part of it. Being so young, obviously I am still learning and growing and I feel like I get to use this experience to become the young woman I always wanted to be.”

    She's honest and open with her fans about the insecurities she still struggles to overcome.

    Also, she started this squirrel-pumping-the-gas dance thing that people seem to love that she says was completely "not intentional."


    @taliagenova when I see other people do “🐿💨” it makes me so happy hehe PLS DUET

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    Her fans are appropriately called "acorns."

    “I was just doing it in one of my freestyling videos because I thought it was funny and then people started associating it with the squirrel emoji. I think people catch on to silly dance moves like that and try to recreate it because it’s so funny and that just became one of them.”


    catch me wearing this everyday HAHAHA also i love this song @alex.aster

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    Someone be her acorn.

    Basically, her entire account is about promoting self-love and carefree comedy.

    It's impossible not to stan.

    Sienna’s fame and popularity on the app have only continued to rise as her friendship/rumored romance with BFF Jack Wright has become increasingly public.

    Jack is one-half of the Wright brothers.

    Sienna and Jack became friends in high school, and fans desperately want them to date.

    The comment section on any video of them together = "SHIP."

    Regardless of Jack, Sienna is clearly successful all on her own because her entire AURA radiates joy, beauty, and positivity.


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    Sharpay is typing...

    People can’t get enough of her laughing, chipmunk dancing, slo-mo walking, showing off her bikini, or basically just existing.


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    Sienna says she thinks her confidence comes from her family and “being told from the day I was born that I am a powerful human that can do anything I set my mind to.”