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    Please Take A Moment To Feast Your Eyes On Shay Mitchell's Adorable Daughter

    She's so cute I'd babysit for free.

    If you have never laid eyes on Shay Mitchell's daughter Atlas Noa Babel, prepare yourself.

    All babies are cute in their own way. But something about Atlas's big cheeks and bright eyes send me squealing to the depths of my soul.

    I guess it's no surprise considering her parents are Shay Mitchell and Matte Babel.

    I mean, look at this baby being a LITERAL model.

    If you ask me, naked babies are a niche form of art.

    Atlas also frequently appears in Shay's TikToks — and is clearly the star.


    Saw this trend... didn’t work as well with a baby 🤣 #toddlerchallenge #toddlertemptation #babygirl #babytemptationchallenge

    ♬ original sound - Shay Mitchell

    The feet wiggle, the confused side glance... It's all TOO MUCH.

    The finest double chin I've ever seen.


    ♬ Goodmorning Tokyo X Ahi - flowsounds

    Notable features include: expressive eyebrows.

    She's just.... such a perfect chunk.



    ♬ Eat or Smell - Tik Toker

    "Y tho" -Atlas, probably.

    This is an Oscar-worthy performance on both parts.


    Stuck like glue 🤣

    ♬ original sound - Samantha Clement

    When mom is too busy TikTok-ing to properly hold you.

    Sometimes she matches with mom and stares pensively into the camera.

    Foodie Atlas is the best Atlas.

    I almost forgot about this sub-genre of Atlas in animal onesies.

    And finally, if you'd like to get emotional about someone else's child... please watch this compilation video.

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