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    Marvel Finally Got Women's Action Movie Hair Right With "Black Widow," And It's About Time

    It's the hair for me.

    Black Widow did a lot right. From the fighting, to the sister-sister relationship, to the comedy, there was so much to love about this movie.

    A battlefield scene in which one person says, "Everybody good" and someone else replies "I am clearly injured"

    But personally, there was one tiny aspect of this movie that really solidified this film as a win in my book. It was the sole fact that Scarlett Johansson wore her hair up in almost every fight scene.

    Since the dawn of time, action movies have loved to feature their female leads in fight sequences with their hair down, usually billowing in the wind behind them as they casually kick-flip through the air or sprint from danger.

    Three examples of women fighting with their hair down

    Somehow they manage to scale buildings, fight alien robots, and generally flip around without their hair blinding their sight.

    And for years, it was the same way with Natasha in every Marvel movie — to the point where Yelena even mocked her iconic hair flip.

    Natasha wearing her hair down in various Marvel clips over the years

    But in Black Widow, Natasha actually tied her hair back for most fight/action sequences (which is what 99.9% of real-life women would do). Like here, in the Budapest scene:

    Natasha looking worried after a fight

    Or here it was thankfully braided while she was being tossed across the bridge by Taskmaster.

    Natasha fighting Taskmaster on the bridge

    And then we've got hella braids plus ponytail when she defeats Dreykov.

    Natasha facing Dreykov

    Scarlett herself even said she was thankful for the shift from the "hyper-sexualization of this character" to one that has really come into her own. The hair almost feels like a metaphor for that.

    Honestly, I barely ever have my hair down, even when I'm just bee-bopping around my apartment, so you can bet your bottom dollar I'd put it up for a day packed with running and fighting.

    Natasha and Yelena fighting with their hair up

    Not that I don't love Natasha's hair down too! Putting it up out of the way just seems more practical and realistic.