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    Here's How Scarlett Johansson Got In Shape For "Black Widow"

    She could probably toss me across the room like a bag of Tostitos.

    Black Widow first appeared on our screens in 2009.

    Marvel / Via

    That means for ELEVEN years, we've watched Scarlett Johansson kick, flip, and punch bad guys into oblivion.

    Marvel / Via

    But no Marvel movie so far has exhibited Scarlett's strength like her newest solo film, Black Widow.

    Natasha destroying those attacking her

    Like when she fought one million people at once.

    I know it's a movie, and stunt doubles exist, but it definitely does take a certain amount of stamina to be able to film such intense action sequences repeatedly for a two-plus-hour film.

    Black widow in a fight with taskmaster

    She literally fights for like 90% of the movie.

    As it turns out, Scarlett does have a pretty intense workout routine to get into character for Black Widow.

    Marvel / Via

    According to her personal trainer, Eric Johnson, who spoke to Insider, Scarlett wasn't worried about how she looked in the scenes, but was more concerned about having enough endurance to film heavy fighting sequences that may take a few shots.

    Natasha fighting Yelena, and Yelena and Natasha running from a bad guy

    Always with the running.

    It took her a year to achieve all of her fitness goals. Her trainer said that to do this, they worked in three phases. Phase I was reconditioning her body to be able to handle all of the strenuous movements.

    Natasha kneeling before a fight

    One leg lunge like this, and I'd be out.

    For example, Black Widow's signature move: the leg-lock around-the-neck-flip, often combined with a high kick, meant that Scarlett would need to spend time in the gym doing hip swivels and rotational slams (where you lift a giant ball in a wide circle and then drop it).

    Natasha performing her signature fight move
    Marvel / Via

    Phase II was all about strength. They worked on pull-ups, push-ups, and pistol squats (where you squat with one leg extended).

    Woman balancing on ball while doing pistol squat
    GIPHY / Via

    I'm already tired.

    And uh, I guess it worked, because Scarlett can now dead-lift 245 pounds.

    GIPHY / Via

    So a small horse.

    And finally, Phase III was all about cardio and helping Scarlett get "lean for shooting."

    Black Widow with a bloody nose in a fight

    A lean, mean, fighting machine.

    The goal is to have scenes where she’s sprinting or fighting look effortless.

    Black widow and Yelena running on the roof

    She achieves this mostly by hitting the ropes and elliptical.

    But most importantly, I'd like to point out that apparently, until beginning training for her first Black Widow role, Scarlett had never set foot in a gym.

    Scarlett Johansson saying, "This is working for me"
    PBS / Via

    All I'm hearing is that we can all be Black Widow if we only believe.

    So here's to dreaming!

    Scarlett Johansson looking dreamily
    Kraken Images / Via

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