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Those "Pete Davidson's NYC" Tweets About Kim Kardashian Are Cracking Me Up, So Here's 17 Of The Best Ones

"Unprecedented times."

Before we have a collective cackle, let me catch you up really quick...

Over the weekend, some super-hilarious pictures were released of Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian holding hands at Knott's Scary Farm.

Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson Hold Hands at Knott's Scary Farm: They're 'Just Friends,' Source Says

@people / Via Twitter: @people

A looooot of people were confused:

the possibility of kim kardashian and pete davidson being together…we’re really living in unprecedented times

@thisisnotkianna / Via Twitter: @thisisnotkianna

It's a lot to take in.

The whole internet was wondering what parallel universe we are living in — but honestly, in terms of 2021, it checks out.

Anyway, earlier today, Page Six reported that Kim Kardashian arrived in New York City.

Kim Kardashian arrives in Pete Davidson's native NYC after holding hands

Twitter: @PageSix

Calling the biggest metropolitan area in the US "Pete Davidson's native NYC" is obviously pretty funny, so Twitter made jokes. Here are 17 of the best.


ah yes new york city, the famously pete-davidson-owned city



can’t wait for my upcoming trip

@bymeg / Via Twitter: @bymeg


Not to get rumors swirling…. but I arrived yesterday in Kim Kardashian’s Los Angeles.

@RoyleRich / Via Twitter: @RoyleRich


Gone back to Pete Davidson’s ancestral village, New York City

@BrotiGupta / Via Twitter: @BrotiGupta


"Where are you from?" "Oh, Pete Davidson's native NYC"

@Grace_Segers / Via Twitter: @Grace_Segers


pete davidson's nyc is my fourth favorite american city after emma chamberlain's los angeles, fall out boy's chicago, and machine gun kelly's cleveland

@grantrindner / Via Twitter: @grantrindner


hey there delilah, what’s it like in pete davidson's native new york city

@kfitz134 / Via Twitter: @kfitz134


i can’t believe she’s in pete davidson’s quaint little hometown of new york city

@mattxiv / Via Twitter: @mattxiv


Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson fucking in Pete’s moms basement is a wild thing to think about

@lilsamsquanch66 / Via Twitter: @lilsamsquanch66


my man in the back is ready to risk it all

@holy_schnitt / Via Twitter: @holy_schnitt


yes, NYC... famously known for only housing one Pete Davidson

@ohheyjenna / Via Twitter: @ohheyjenna


The Mayor of Pete Davidson’s New York is a snake with big eyelashes, and a pair of feet with little boots on

@ecareyo / Via Twitter: @ecareyo


It’s so nice of Kim to visit the small Dutch trading post Pete Davidson is from

@lukasbattle / Via Twitter: @lukasbattle


Start spreading the news I'm leaving today I want to be a part of it Pete Davidson's native New York

@imLeor / Via Twitter: @imLeor


Pete Davidson’s hometown also known by some circles as NYC

@butch__queen / Via Twitter: @butch__queen


It's Pete Davidson's NYC and we're all just living in it.

@rockinrosey / Via Twitter: @rockinrosey


"i'm walking heahhhh!" -- a real fuckin pete davidsoner

@rachsyme / Via Twitter: @rachsyme

Which ones are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!