17 People Share How They Found Out They Had "Fake Friends," And The Responses Are Eye-Opening

    "When he tried to steal my animation design in college."

    Breakups are hard, but friend breakups are almost harder. There's nothing like the pain of losing someone you once thought was a close friend. So, when Reddit user u/VexAndStuff asked, "When did you realize your 'friends' were actually fake friends?" some of these responses hit hard. Here are some of the most eye-opening ones.

    1. "When I was babysitting her kids, things were going great: We would hang out all the time, have movie nights, and just talk. But the second she no longer needed a babysitter was the second I got kicked to the curb. No explanation, not even a text back. Some people will act like your best friend until they no longer need you."

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    2. "I was invited to the bachelorette party for one of the friends in this group. While at the party, I figured out that I was the only person not invited to the wedding. I had been invited to the party because they needed another person to chip in for expenses."

    — littled311

    3. "When I was in school, all my friends and I did different A levels. Despite us all being in different classes, they would wait for each other to go to lunch together, but they would always 'forget' me. I'd come out and they wouldn't be there, so I'd have lunch by myself. I was the only one they didn't wait for."

    4. "One 'friend' at my university tried to steal my animation coursework, claim it as his own, and get me kicked out for stealing his work. However, I had help setting things up by one of my professors for me to film the coursework, so instead, he got expelled and blacklisted from the university."

    — Bedlamcitylimit

    5. "I found out they have an inner-circle group chat, but I'm the only one not in it."

    6. "Whenever we were supposed to hang out, something came up, and that something was hanging out with other mutual 'friends.'"

    — Ashii_nix

    7. "My 'best friend' in high school used to do this to me all the time: On Wednesday, I’d ask if she wanted to see a movie Friday night. She’d always say maybe, if she could get out of doing whatever with her parents. Then on Monday, I’d hear her talking about how great the movie was. Apparently, at the last minute, her parents said she was free, and miraculously a group of people called right then and asked her to see the same movie. She’d always say, 'I figured you made other plans,' when I confronted her about it. In reality, she’d just wait to see what the better option was."

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    8. "When my phone got stolen and I lost their phone numbers. Mine stayed the same, but we just never talked again."

    — maddallena

    9. "I asked my ex-BFF to take the day off for St. Patrick's Day since we always celebrate together. She did. I reminded her a couple days before to finalize what we would do. Her response was, 'Oh, I already made plans with X. You could come meet us for a drink, I guess.'"

    — edenunbound

    10. "When you try to open up and try to share a genuine conversation about something going on in your life, and all they can do is crack jokes and try to pressure you to go out drinking with them. It made me realize how surface level many 'friendships' really are."

    11. "When I traded in my truck for a smaller, more eco-friendly vehicle. The communication plummeted now that I can’t haul furniture around, assist with moving as much, dispose of garbage, etc."

    — mandox1

    12. "Once high school ended, I heard about all the rumors they made up about me."

    13. "When I realized literally just being in the same room as that person made me miserable. It’s because the person was extremely insecure, to the point that they always had to put others down to make themself feel better. I kept wondering why they would keep throwing me under the bus for no reason. Like, we had been friends for years, why would they treat me like this? It took me years to figure out exactly how bad of a friend they were, no matter how hard they pretended not to be."

    — Snowfreak2507

    14. "We were all set to go enjoy music at a local establishment. I talked to multiple people from the group, confirming the meeting time. I got there and no one else was there. Eventually, they all showed up together. Turns out, they had been out all day together shopping and drinking, and I was the only one not invited."

    — hawknip

    15. "When I realized I was the one always calling. Then I stopped and my 'friends' disappeared."

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    16. "My wife and I separated and she got the majority of our friends. Almost nobody checked in on me to see how I was doing. Then, we decided to work it out and stay together and now there's a whole list of people's birthdays I don't have to remember."

    — equality-_-7-2521

    17. "When I broke up with my long-term boyfriend, the guy I thought had been my best friend of three years gave me two weeks before saying, 'Is it my turn yet?'"

     — Career_Much