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    People Are Sharing The Most Hilarious Disaster They've Seen At A Wedding And I'm Flabbergasted

    "The ring-bearer had a bloody nose and it got all over the pillow and rings."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the hilarious disasters they've witnessed at weddings. Here are the results.

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    1. "One of my cousins is sort of estranged from the family. At her sister’s wedding reception, she got belligerently drunk and started accusing her sister of cheating on her new husband. The argument got extremely heated and they ended up throwing drinks at each other and had a knock-down, drag out, brawl on the floor. To this day no one in my family talks to this particular cousin."

    2. "I was a bridesmaid in my brother's wedding. During the ceremony, one of the bridesmaids fainted and was carried out of the sanctuary. Then, 10 minutes later, the BRIDE fainted as well. My brother caught her and she just sat on the ground for awhile. The bride's brother almost fainted as well. After that, someone got some chairs and we all sat for the rest of the ceremony."

    3. "The reception quickly descended into a drunken brawl, the bride passed out in the bathroom, and it all ended very abruptly when the mother of the bride punched the groom in the face, and was then forcibly carried outside by her husband."

    4. "It was time for speeches and the maid of honor stood up and sobbed that she was a terrible friend, she hadn’t written a speech, and she didn’t know what to say. A few minutes of awkward crying followed before someone sat her down."

    5. "At my mom's wedding, everyone was really busy and frantically trying to get everything together. In all the commotion, my mom, THE BRIDE, got left behind! She had to catch a taxi to go to the wedding, and then my grandma got MAD at her because she was late!"

    6. "At my own wedding, guests were sent ahead to the reception while the wedding party and parents took photos. The 'luxury bus' to take all of us to the reception in San Francisco would not start, so the whole party went on without us. My husband, mom, and I piled into our photographer's Jetta and he drove us to the reception. The 'luxury bus' company sent another bus to pick up the wedding party."

    7. "During my parents' wedding, the ring bearer had a bloody nose and it got all over the pillow and rings. Then my mom lost her ring during the reception."

    8. "At my dad and stepmom’s wedding, my dad had a bit too much to drink. He serenaded his new wife with his guitar, but the second he was done playing 'Brown Eyed Girl,' he lifted the guitar and bit it, and then threw it across the room before standing up on his chair, falling, passing out, and being carried out by his brothers."

    9. "My wife’s limo (with her and half the bridal party in it) got pulled over by the cops on the way to the church because it was on fire."

    10. "At my own wedding, I started my period early and bled through my dress. As my sisters were trying to cover it up and hurry and hide me, I heard someone say, 'At least we know there won't be a honeymoon baby.' I laughed through the tears."

    11. "We had a casual wedding at the park. I, the bride, was helping set up and was carrying the cake from the car to the pavilion. I lost my footing and dropped the cake face down in the dirt. The happy ending was that a party at a nearby pavilion heard about what happened and donated all their desserts to our wedding picnic!"

    12. "It came time for the speeches and the best man looked white when he got up to do his speech. He looked up at the crowded room and just ran off. It descended into chaos after that. Felt so bad for my friend."

    13. "I was in the wedding party and had an allergic reaction to something in my eye. I ended up having to wear my glasses the whole time and it looked like I was winking in every photo because my eye was swollen shut. By the end of the night, both eyes were swollen and red and I ended up in the ER."

    14. "My cousin's wedding was a series of unfortunate events. A big storm knocked out the power during the reception. The band couldn't play and we were literally eating dinner by candlelight."

    15. "A close friend's wedding was at a vineyard. The maid of honor got a bit too tipsy before the ceremony and was making a bit of a fool of herself. Flash forward to the reception, and she's full-blown blacked out. She starts dancing and twirling and many of the guests realize she's not wearing any underwear. The bride's stepmother shouts out to us in a Southern accent, 'Y'all, I think I just saw cooter!'"

    16. "At my brother’s wedding, the bride’s father was conducting part of the ceremony and was supposed to say, 'Let us glorify the resurrection,' but instead he said, 'Let us glorify the erection!' The FATHER OF THE BRIDE said this at his own daughter’s wedding. I was dead on the floor stifling my laughter."

    17. "I was a bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding and was running ridiculously late, so I wasn’t paying too much attention to my surroundings. I got pulled over by a police officer who was driving in FRONT of me, and ended up with a ticket for tailgating an officer. Obviously, that made me even later to the wedding, but once I got there everyone started cheering and handing me shots. The father of the bride even offered to pay for the ticket."